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You won’t regret watching this I swear

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Chicago, 30/08. +/+

Ever since I started using blusher matching w my lip colour I have become irresistible I think

BOYS ARE SO NEEDY I’m never talking to one again

feeling a bit bemused n concerned, i think moral of story is dont give ppl yr number ever.

Out the window of my tiny (amazing) room on the 6th floor of a building without a lift, cute cute

I can take care of him

This was shorter than me but funny n cute black guy w short dreads n cap who said I looked like his ex girlfriend and then told me a story about him buying her shoes and her being angry which I really couldn’t follow because it was v bizarre, guy also had tattoo saying bod boy not bad boy and said he would tattoo me if I want and knows all the ppl at the reggae bar so got us free beer but kept on touching my hip and said it was bc he wanted us 2 feel like family n I asked him if his he always touched his mums hip and he didn’t hear me I don’t think and he also said I was mean n meant it as compliment and said that I “might be white but I have a black heart” so

I gotta say for the first half of hangovers I always look so babe like from some kind of weird alcohol airbrushing thing that happens and then when my insides start to hate me so does my face n my nose gets all red n all porey and if its rly bad u start seeing every spot or potential spot in the world on my face

The one problem w my new room is that it’s so small that prob another bed wouldn’t even be able to fit in there if someone wanted to visit its like SO SMALL but good for me bc I need to learn 2 be minimal or something